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Belize Cave Tubing R Us testimonials, reviews and comments for Cave Tubing in Belize

Laurel of Maryland said:

"We had a great time"

Our trip was great. Dave and his crew are wonderful. The drive to the caves is a little over an hour and they gave us all kinds of info about the country and the people. They told us about the local wildlife we might see. It was a really fun ride. The groups are small so the service is very presonalized. They answered any questions we had.

Once we got to the cave site we all grabbed our tubes and set off on our walk to the cave. It is about a mile thru the jungle with some pretty steep terrain. It was also raining so it was pretty muddy. Don't wear flip flops. Several of the young girls had them on and they kept getting stuck in the mud. Once you get to the river they hook all the tubes together and we set off. Dave and his guys walk the river where they can and ride tubes wher the river is too deep. They point out all the formations and take you to a little waterfall in the cave that other groups seem to pass up. Once out of the cave it is a really nice float down the river back to the starting point so you only carry the tubes a short distance back. We noticed other groups getting out of the river much sooner. Dave told us they were the groups who booked with the ships and they don't drift down the river. So again I would highly recommend Dave and his guys if your going to go cave tubing, go with cavetubing-r-us. They are the best.

Reviewed December 19, 2011

Daniel S of Florida said:

"Cave tubing R Us is the best in the business!"

If you want the best go with Dave. He met us at the port with our names on a poster. Had free bottled water for us. The tour itself was awesome. He takes you where most excursions won't but still has your safety in mind. He has the best equipment and safety gear. In addition he takes care of you all day. He makes sure you have the best time of your life. Highly recommended. And you can't beat the price! Don't waste your time with anyone else.

Visited in December 2011

Dennis from Belton Texas said

"Wow, great time - worth the money!"

David was our tour guide for the cave and river tour. He was excellent and engaging with all of the folks on the tour. He also gave us a tour of Belize City and surrounding area including Lunch at a local restaurant. Weill worth the money!

Visited October 2011

Mike of Lutz, Florida said:

Cave tubing with Cave Tubing R Us was a great experience. We were picked up from the port in a comfortable bus with plenty of seating for our big group. David, our guide, was very friendly and pleasant and was genuinly interested in making sure we enjoyed ourselves and we definitely did. He told us about Belize as we were traveling to the caves. The caves were beautiful and the trip very relaxing. After the tubing, David brought us to an authentic Belizian restaurant with great food, prices and quantities. We really felt like we were experiencing the culture of Belize but without any comprimise to our safety or planning. It was a fun trip. All the kids in our large group said this was their favorite excursion of all and we went on four with our cruise.

I would highly recommend Cave Tubing R Us for anyone who would like to experience this breathtaking and relaxing all day excursion.

JungleSoph of England said:

We had booked the owner of the company David for the afternoon to visit Altun Ha ruins. He picked us up from the bus station, took us back to our hostel, waited for us to get ready, then took us up to Altun Ha. He was filled with knowledge, and we basically got a tour of Belize City also which was very interesting from the safety of his comfortable truck, and also included water and fruit snacks. We had a beer on arriving at Altun Ha, and then had a tour round the ruins (there were only 2 in my group so nice and intimate and friendly). He then drove us back, again visiting and learning more about Belize City dropping us off at the hostel. Very cheap, friendly guide, knowledgeable and we both had a great afternoon and learnt lots! Highly recommended. Barter for discount.

Zafire of Chicago said:

We booked our tour on line at and it was a fun. The guide was very friendly and informative . We got to see some awesome caves and in one of them there was a water fall, we also got to use our imagination with some rock formation, it was so much fun. The Guide David was very organized and had a sunny personality you could help but have fun... I am going to recommend this tour to all my friends that visit Belize... They should leave Belize without experiencing cave tubing with David. It was one of the high point of the my course. "Very good experience"

Katy Fong of California said:

David was our tour guide for the day and was excellent and at tentative to what we wanted. Dave was super and gave us a personal tour of Belize including a stop at a local fruit stand and grocery store. We tried the excellent local coconut rum with pineapple juice! Dave even stopped at his home and picked up the excellent apple bananas so we could try the best of the local fruit. Dave was our guide through the cave-tubing which was scenic, relaxing, safe and very fun! safe! Flying across the jungle is an I would recommend this tour for everyone. We done cave tubing R us!!!

Roan Atkins of Iowa said:

David, He is simply the best guide we have had on a shore excursion in all our times. He was talkative, informative and knowledgeable about the area. He stopped so we could try a local fruit called an apple banana. Delicious! He even stopped and had us get drinks (and DRINKS). At the float, we got to do several things the ship people did not. Also, out tour was 10 people, while their's was 40. Since you are right next to them, there is not a selling point to go through the ship. David really cared that we had a good time and that makes all the difference. Ask for David and have a great time!

Mel(mel127) of Houston said:

We booked with David at cavetubing r us. Had an awesome time. These cave systems are so amazing and best of all we had David. We saw the other guys all bunched up in large groups. But we were only 12. Got to see a water fall in the cave and most of all had fun. This tour was all we were talking about for the rest of the tour. Will be back!