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Renee from New Port Richey, Fl

"WOW! What an adventure! All other tours of this sort will disappoint you!"

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Cave Tubing in BelizeBelize Cave Tubing

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Cave Tubing Tour Testimonial

Renee from New Port Richey,Fl.

I found this company online and reviewed the Trip Advisor 2 days before my friend and I departed on our cruise. I emailed David and had a response from him within 10 minutes confirming our arrival in 4 days. Upon our arrival in Belize City we went to the terminal as instructed, there he was with a sign with our name on it and a BIG smile and waving to us! Being 2 women in a foreign country we were a bit nervous at first, but David quickly assured us we were very safe.

When we got into his vehicle he offered us cold soda or water for the drive to the caves. On our way there he pointed out many interesting areas, mountains and told us the history of Belize. We passed the big tour buses that had the visitors that booked thru the cruiseline. We however got to stop at a local wine making facility and had samples! No tour buses there! We got to the park, got our cameras ready and were ready for our hike thru the rain forest.

David suggested that we would be more comfortable if we were already wet before hiking and then getting into the cold water. We agreed, we had a choice of getting wet slowly or all at once! Being the adventurers we are we chose all at once! David promptly took us to a rock ledge to jump off of! Once you are up there it is high up but very well worth the short climb! It was exhilerating jumping in while the tour bus peeps watched!

We then started our about 3/4 mile hike into the rain forest all along the way David showing us different things about the forest, it was very interesting. He is very knowledgeable about the trees and history of the Mayans. Because we weren't on a cruise tour we got to go thru 2 cave systems! How awesome! The tubes had nets in the bottom so we could either lay across them or sit indian style, then he tied us together. It was very helpful that I brought my dive flashlight with me as the light on the helmet was not enough for me. The caves were beautiful!

David explained the history of each of them, he also made sure our bottoms didn't get bumped in the shallow areas! He would say "Butts up!" when needed. At the end of the tour we were coming out of the water and another large group from the cruise tour were entering we told them about jumping into the water from the rocks, their tour leader told them no, it was a Mayan sacred rock. David said it was not and the tour guide just wanted to hurry them thru.

On our way back to the city we stopped at the local grocery store and bought the same wine we sampled for $4 cheaper! David also took us to Cheers a local restaurant for lunch (we paid our way and his) great food! We also got a tour of the city and the oldest church and saw their government building. We were promptly dropped back off at the cruise terminal with enough time left for shopping!

We could not have been more safe, we learned so much about this fine Country and its people. David is very knowledgeable , friendly and funny! Wait til you hear his laugh! If you don't book thru his company you will be very disappointed with the cattle tours of others. He is very confident in what his company has to offer tourists, this is proved by not paying him until he drops you off! He only charged us $45 each, the cruise line wanted $99 for much less than we got. He earned a very nice tip too!

Visited November 2011