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We offer the best Cave Tubing experience in Belize. Our prices can't be beat and the fun just keeps on coming. Join David and the crew on a great adventure through the underground mysteries of the Caves, and experience the adventure that is both exhilarating and relaxing all in one. Journey to hell (Xibalba) and back and have lots of fun and laughter along the way. Just remember... keep your "butts up" and your spirits high and come and enjoy a wonderful time with us. R U Ready?

Only $50.00 per person

Local Belize Lunch is available for US $10.00.

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Belize Cave Tubing


Cave Tubing ToursThis Adventure starts as you exit terminal one (see map), you will spot your friendly guide with a sign bearing your name, he will be smiling, waving you over and escort you to one of our well maintained air conditioned shuttle where of course OUR belize cave tubing adventure begins. Your sightseeing experience is about to kick off - R u ready for your city tour? Interesting facts awaits you as we make our way through Belize City which by the way is one the oldest city in our country. As we exit Belize City and make our way to the Village of Caves Branch (this is going to be a great ride) located 1 hour from Belize City you will have the opportunity to see Belize's gorgeous country side rich in lush forest and rural life!

Step Out

Once we arrive at the historical Caves Branch Archaeological Park and you step out into the open air OUR cave tubing adventure takes off. R u ready? Wait wait... we get geared up with tube, light and life vest; all you will need for your belize cave tubing adventure and don't forget your sense of adventure, R u ready? The 30 minute hike through our pristine rainforest is an adventure all on its own, first eye view of native trees cashew, guava and cohune, pineapple plants and a few medicinal trees as they sway their branches and leaves in the cool breeze inviting you deeper into the forest.

How refreshing aah.. YES, we have made it to the mouth of the caves, clear water, a beyond belief cave structure and even more breathtaking than the pictures! The Mayan's used these cave systems as part of their elaborate religious rituals. They called these caves XIBALBA which in modern language translate to "HELL". These cave systems boasts beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and stunning crystal pillars. R u ready? As your experienced guide executes a flawless maneuver of linking and securing the tubes you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your cave tubing tour adventure. As the adventure gently gets underway your guide will navigate down the refreshing cave branch river through the mystical cave of Xibalba as the Mayan did centuries ago only this is cooler cave tubing! On this cave tubing adventure your guide will ensure that you get to see all the spectacular areas of the caves unlike the bigger groups who are bustling by and they never get to see the awesome acts of nature buried deep within these caves. Wow, personalize Belize cave tubing adventure. R u ready?

Cave Tubing/ Zipline Combo

Live like a bird, come fly with us! This zipline adventure is available as an add on tour to your cave tubing experience. Our zipline is almost a mile long with 7 platforms! We are located in the heart of the Belizean rain forest with nothing but lush rainforest in sight.

Your group will have 2 guides or more(depending on the size of the group) on the zipless line with you at all time. Our trained crew will ensure all safety guidelines are kept and that you have fun! This tour requires a minimum of 3 persons. Proper footwear required as it involves some hiking.

Special rate

Cave tubing and Zipline : $85.00 for booking made before November 1st.

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On Time Departure

Your unforgettable personalize cave tubing adventure takes 4 hours, making cave tubing in Belize your perfect cruise ship adventure. R u ready? On the return leg of your trip to the departure terminal you will be telling us great stories of your cave tubing adventure after being wonderfully entertained. All good things must come to an end and before you know it is time to say goodbye, we will ask you to kindly send us your own review of your cave tubing adventure with Cave Tubing R US.

Cave Tubing Tours Hi, I am David Almendarez. It's been ten years and counting since I am working in the tourism field as a hotel manager, tour guide and tour operator. I take pride and passion in providing you with a cave tubing adventure that is second to none and I personally guarantee that your cave tubing adventure with us will be your most unforgettable experience; it is going to be the best adventure you dare to book on your Western Caribbean adventure! We look forward to welcoming you on our next cave tubing tour adventure in Belize, R U Ready?